This option offers:


Hourly charged sessions @ £45 per hour - minimum of one hour on location photography

Option to extend the session @ £35 per hour - charged in 30 min increments

Watermarked digital proofs from which you select your images for purchase


High quality digital photos mounted at 10x8 @ £35 per image

Canvas images available on request    

Option to purchase images as a gift pack                        

Option to include multiple owners/animals - combined session with prior agreement at the time of booking


Package Cost £Variable - £25 deposit required to secure the booking




[1] The Flexible Package High Quality Images will have Copyright data embedded within the file Meta Data to protect my copyright as per my terms and conditions. The copyright data is not visible on the Final image.


[2] Requests for other printed media can be fulfilled so please ask. This option is designed for a single commission and not a shared commission. However, the package can be adapted to suit your needs subject to prior agreement.


[3] The price of printed media is subject to change so please request prices when you select your images 

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