My volunteer work at the Stubbington Ark combines two things that I am passionate about; taking great pictures and helping less fortunate and often abused dogs find their forever home. The combination of these two passions has enabled me to enhance my photographic skills whilst at the same time put something back into the community. 


Please read the description of what the Ark does and absorb some of the pictures I have taken (Click on the Ark Logo above) and help out in any way you can. 

For over 25 years the Stubbington Ark (RSPCA Solent Branch) Animal Shelter in Fareham has served the community taking in and re-homing abandoned animals over a 400sq mile radius in Hampshire.

Although the animal shelter follows the principles and policies of the RSPCA the Branch does not receive financial support from them for our daily running costs of over £3,500 per day.  We receive no Government or Lottery funding.

Unlike the original Ark however, animals do not come in two by two but by the dozen.  Domestic, exotics, farm animals and wildlife all cross the threshold of one of the largest animal shelters in the country.

Last year the shelter took in over 3,000 animals and re-homed over 2,000.  

We are always in need of old towels, sheets and blankets to use for animal bedding and old newspapers, used postage stamps, costume jewellery, old printer cartridges and mobile phones for recycling.

Check out our website for ways you can help us from holding an event or being a volunteer.

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